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But it was only one man , not men. I found no trace of a struggle.


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Es solo un hombre , como todos. Just another man , like all the rest. Now, he's just another man , with sea horses on his boxer shorts. Kahless venció a todo un ejército y era solo un hombre. Kahless fought off an entire army at Three Turn Bridge and he was only one man. Que solo un hombre podría enfrentarse a ello.

That only one man would rise to stand against it.

A lonely man

Si Luke entra en una buena racha Once Luke Wright gets on a roll, only one man in this city can take him on one-on-one. Demasiado para solo un hombre pero uno nunca sabe. Much too for only one man but one never knows.

Había solo un hombre en todo el planeta que imaginó un cosmos infinitamente grande. There was only one man on the whole planet who envisioned an infinitely grander cosmos. Seguramente su ausencia en el banquillo significa que solo un hombre puede ser considerado responsable de este delito y, repito, es el que esgrimía el cuchillo. Surely his absence from the dock means that only one man can be held responsible for this crime and, again, it is he who wielded the knife.

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Now, his successor has not yet been chosen, but I think we all know only one man qualifies. Él no puede haber cometido estos crímenes atroces porque solo un hombre vive en un lugar tan oscuro. Hay solo un hombre quien siempre a estado ahí por mi. There's only one man who's always been there for me. Hasta ahora, solo un hombre ha visto a la criatura y vive para contarlo.

The scale o f ju st one man, in fa ct - N uutinen [ Mientras que en países como Marruecos o Jordania, la represión violenta y abierta de la oposición política es, por lo general, cosa del pasado, tras la fachada. Whilst in countries like Morocco, Jordan and Egypt openly violent repression belongs largely in the past,.

Para nosotros, la cantidad de personal requerido, es un factor muy importante: Another important factor for us, however, is the manpower required: They had promised the president "truest patriotic fervor and zeal" as well as. Montaje p o r un solo hombre " m ed iante cierre [ O n e-man" car tri dge m ou nting thanks to the [ Al trabajar con Organizaciones Comunitarias, los voluntarios.

Will you not help me hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness;. They are working on it since last year, but today, almost at the end of August, their intentions are far from having any effect;. Montaje c o n un solo hombre: I ns ertar los [ One- pers on as se mbly: Attach components in [ The Americans are a ble i n an e mergency t o stand t ogeth er as a man.

QuickFace, una solución sencilla y rentable con diseño de tecnología punta,. Results of a European study reported earlier this year indicated that "to. This, I knew, wa s due t o one man and one man only: Él lo dejó en una serie de eventos que lo ayudaron a ganar coraje. He then led Gideon on a series of events that helped.

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